"Xiji Blue Cave" is a famous natural wonder in Penghu. It is located on Xiji Island, the four southern islands. It is even more mysterious due to the dangerous currents and closed sea area. In order to let everyone have a glimpse of the beauty of the natural secrets of Penghu, the Penghu County Government built a mini blue hole VR experience theater in the center of the Penghu Marine Geopark. blue hole.Overlook Penghu through 360-degree wide-angle photography or swim in the underwater world, experience the beauty of Penghu, and complete an adventure trip that cannot be achieved in real life.
※Players can choose to experience "360 overlooking Penghu" or "360 under the sea of Penghu".
【Overlooking Penghu 360】
"Overlooking Penghu 360" is an imitation of the vision of a tern flying in the sky, using an aerial camera to photograph the Penghu Archipelago, which consists of nearly a hundred islands. The unique and beautiful natural landscape of the basalt terrain of the Penghu Islands can be seen from the aerial perspective. The film introduces many famous Penghu basalt topographical attractions, such as: the Blue Cave (also known as the stove cage) in Xiji Island, the four southern islands, the beautiful Twin Heart Stone Lake and Little Taiwan, Tongpan Islet, which is known as the Yellowstone Park on the Sea, and Kuibi Moses Fenhai between the mountain and Chiyu Island, the most beautiful sandy beach in Jibei, the whale cave in Xiaomenyu Island, and the coral reef ecological group growing on the submarine continental shelf - the secret forest, the total length of the film is about 3 and a half minutes, and the scenery is dazzling Yes, it makes people want to go and find out in person immediately. Seeing the beauty of the Penghu basalt terrain, people are more impressed with the Penghu Islands, the hometown of basalt rocks, and they also know how to appreciate and love them.
【Penghu Seabed 360】
The underwater film "Penghu Seabed 360" was specially invited to the director Yuan Xuhu, who is famous for shooting the domestic underwater photography film "East Longitude and North Latitude", to personally shoot the film in the sea. This film was shot with 360-degree photography technology and 4K underwater photography technology. It is a panoramic film of the underwater wonders of the Penghu Islands. The length of the film is 2 minutes and 30 seconds. It captures the famous underwater attractions of the Penghu Islands. There are submarine mailboxes, lock harbors, coral gardens, Xiji castle, lavender forest, Dongji corridor, barracuda schools, East and West Ji submarine corridors, etc. The whole film not only leads the audience to relive the underwater movie scene of the movie "East Longitude and North Latitude", but also allows the audience to enjoy other colorful underwater scenes. In addition, in view of director Yuan Xuhu's concern for marine ecology, the film also hopes to arouse the audience's attention and attention to the marine environment while showing the rich underwater ecology and beautiful ocean landscape.

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※Please cooperate with measuring body temperature and wearing a mask before entering the venue. Those whose body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees will not be allowed to enter the venue to use equipment. Thank you for your cooperation.

※This device is once two people Use, if you do not arrive at the site on time during the reserved time, please cooperate with the staff's instructions to make up for the use of experience equipment during the reserved time.
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