News Due to epidemic prevention measures, the Penghu Marine Geopark Center will be closed for VR experience from now on
Due to the recent expansion of the domestic epidemic, the Penghu Marine Geopark Center, in line with the county government's response measures to reduce the risk of cluster infection, has temporarily suspended the experience theater with a 360-degree view of the 4D VR rock blue hole set up in the center from now on. The registration system has been closed at the same time. For the tourists who have signed up for the experience, the center has contacted them one by one to cancel the registration. We urge everyone to share the difficult times together and give priority to preventing the epidemic. After the epidemic subsides in the future, the center sincerely welcomes the public to sign up again for the experience.
During the Spring Festival, Penghu Marine Geopark Center will only be closed for one day on New Year's Eve (January 31), and will operate normally on other days. At present, the exhibition hall is in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Central Epidemic Epidemic Command Center's second-level epidemic standards, and implements epidemic prevention regulations for business premises and public areas; reminds the public to abide by the real-contact system during the epidemic prevention period, wear masks throughout the process, and prohibit eating, taking body temperature and disinfection. In addition, the central hall has also strengthened measures such as environmental cleaning and disinfection, employee health management, and immediate response to confirmed cases. The audio-visual room has also implemented a plum blossom seat, with a maximum number of 36 people. In order to take into account the quality of epidemic prevention and environmental safety, tourists are urged to cooperate when they come to experience obey.