News VR experiences reopen from March 1
From March 1st, the Ocean Geopark Center will resume the opening experience of Rock Blue Hole VR, and online reservations will be opened from now on. Visitors are welcome to experience it.
The Rock Blue Hole VR Experience Theater in the Ocean Geopark Center adopts an online real-line reservation system, and the public can register online for reservations (https://vrlife.com.tw/penghuevent/),At present, there are two films in the Rock Blue Cave that you can experience, namely 《Overlooking Penghu 360》 and 《Penghu Under the Sea 360》, the public can choose one of the two when registering online. The experience time is from 9:00 am to 12:00 am and from 14:00 pm to 17:00 pm every 10 minutes. Inquiry hotline: 06-9269737; 06-9269117. During the epidemic prevention period, the public is reminded that they must wear masks during the whole process of entering the museum, and eating and drinking is prohibited. Please also wait patiently for the staff to disinfect the equipment before boarding the aircraft.